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2000 was a great year if you happen to be a Yankees fan. It certainly was Derek Jeter's year. All Star & World Series MVP were among his greatest accomplishments achieved that year. With clutch hits by players such as Paul O'Neill & Luis Sojo, enabled them to make it to the Final Show. It was truly a season to remember. With past Subway Series games having taken place so long ago, many of those of our younger generation thought they would never live to see one played again in our Lifetime.

This "Event's Gallery" consists of photos taken at the Yankees' World Series Champions Victory Parade down the Canyon of Heroes after defeating the Mets in the 2000. As we've mentioned before, we're avid fans. With our "Haya doin" cardboard sign and camera in hand, we headed out early to grab a great viewing location along their parade route. From the looks of these few seems like it payed off. Once again, thank you for taking the time to view these memorable pics taken by our very own..Allison