As you can see, Tino was also very popular among the ladies during his stay with the Yankees. Jennifer pictured here is one of Tino's biggest fans. With her Art of the Game Collectible in hand, we accompanied her to a Pastime show in NJ for a much anticipated
"meet and greet" event. Battling the butterflies in her stomach, Jennifer waited anxiously to meet her favorite Yankee. When Tino finally autographed her Art of the Game Collectible, she nervously asked if he would pose for a photo with her. Jennifer was "floored" when Tino stood up for this once in a lifetime moment we were able to catch on film.
This Handpainted, Handcrafted collectible was created exclusively for Sandra, another die-hard Tino Martinez fan in time for another one of his much anticipated public appearances. Sandra, an avid softball player herself, shares one thing in common with Tino...they both play first base spectacularly!